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Chapter Presentation Policy


The Central Alabama Chapter of ISSA has an expectation that presentations at its chapter meeting will advance the professional knowledge and growth of our members. To ensure this goal, this policy establishes standards to which presenters must adhere.


This policy applies to all presentations at regular chapter meetings. Chapter training events are excluded and are at the discretion of the board or education committee.


  • Presentations must be educational and non-marketing in nature. They must focus on general industry trends and not a specific vendor solution. The presentation must be relevant to the security practice of our members.
  • Presenters may utilize a specific product in demonstrations. But it must support the educational aspect of the presentation and not show how a specific vendor solves a particular issue.
  • Presenters may utilize “hacking” tools in presentations. However, they should be self-contained. Where that is not possible and network access is required, 30 days’ notice is required to review and ensure it is not a violation of the hosts’ policies.
  • Presenters may not compare themselves to competitors of similar products in a manner that casts the competitor in a negative light.
  • Presenters must maintain professional decorum in material presented. Wording, pictures and other material must be office friendly.
  • Corporate name and logo can appear at the introduction and conclusion (first slide and last slide) only.
  • Presenters must provide Bio and Synopsis of the presentation one month prior to their scheduled presentation date.
  • Presenters must provide the presentation visuals for review at least one week prior to their scheduled date.
  • One or more officers will review presentation materials at least one week before the event.
  • The meeting emcee will state that the presenting vendor is available after the presentation for anyone who wants to pursue further discussions.
  • Specific solutions are allowed in handouts that members can pick up after the meeting.
  • It is expected that presentation files (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) can be posted on the chapter web site, secured to members, which includes vendors.
  • Computer and projection equipment is provided by the venue.