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Mentorship Program

We are excited to announce yet another milestone of the ISSA Central Alabama chapter – the launch of a Mentor program!

Goal of the Mentor Program

The goal of this program is to foster interactions between more seasoned professionals in our chapter (i.e., Mentors) and those seeking to learn from these professionals to gain knowledge and/or further their careers (i.e., Mentees).

Program Format

The program will consist of two semesters per year, spring and fall. The spring semester would run from January-May and the fall semester would run from August -December. The inaugural semester is scheduled for spring 2023.

Mentors will meet with Mentees once per month via a videoconferencing platform, such as Zoom or Teams. This will provide a level of security and convenience for those involved. The amount of time expected for each meeting would be one hour each month.

CPE credits

CPE credits will apply and be granted at the same rate that CAISSA now issues them for meeting attendance. For reference, the rate is 1.5 CPEs for an hour-and-a-half Chapter meeting, so a one-hour Mentor/Mentee meeting would qualify for 1 CPE.


Mentees who complete a full semester will receive a CAISSA graduation certificate to recognize them for their achievement. This will be with the agreement from the assigned Mentor that the Mentee attended all meetings as agreed upon.


  • You must be an active member of the Central Alabama ISSA chapter in good standing.
  • The expectation is not to seek a job from a Mentor or recruit a Mentee for a job opening.
  • Mentees must be open to commentary and constructive criticism to help them grow.
  • Participants must be willing to commit time.
    • Should a situation arise where a Mentor or a Mentee cannot make the agreed upon day/time, new arrangements are to be made.
    • If this becomes problematic as a regular occurrence, the Mentee will be asked to drop out and apply again and/or the Mentor may need to be replaced by the CAISSA Leadership.
  • No inappropriate discussion or conduct will be tolerated.
  • The CAISSA Leadership reserves the right to end Mentor and Mentee program participation, as needed


What are the benefits of becoming a Mentor?

  • Contribute to the professional development of the future workforce
  • Impart knowledge and advice from an experienced vantage point
  • Gain a broader view of our own Central Alabama information security community
  • Give something back to the profession by helping someone with their professional growth

What are the benefits of becoming a Mentee?

  • Learn from an experienced practitioner’s perspective on applying concepts to real-life situations
  • Familiarize yourself with success parameters
  • Identify long-term professional development goals
  • Grow as an information security professional
  • Gain the capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions
  • Better equip yourself for career development opportunities

How do I sign up?

You can find the applications to be a Mentor or Mentee below. Please be aware that applying does not guarantee acceptance.

Mentor Form:

Mentee Form:

What is the deadline for applying?

December 15 is the last day to apply for the January-May 2023 semester. Applications will be considered during December.